Become an Affiliate of Redeemer Broadcasting

No time to create your own programming? Redeemer Broadcasting offers 'drop in' hardware and programming control to get your station broadcasting the Good News quickly. You will have access to public service announcements as well as local weather. We air weather at the tops of hours during drive time. Localism is encouraged, with time given for local pastors, events, public service announcements. A major part of your "localism" is fulfilled via your Public Affairs program. You produce this 15 minute program, and it airs four times on a Saturday at the times determined by our network clock. You have to keep track of these "Issues" for inclusion in your Online Public Inspection File that you are responsible for. Your station will have direct access to network control for any reasonable questions that you have. We constantly monitor your static IP and if there is an outage, we will contact you. If there is a small hiccup that we handle quickly, then there is no need. 

We currently have two affiliates:  WHVC Rhinebeck, NY, and WYNE-LP Wayne, NJ.  

An affiliate relationship is for those who already own an FM or AM broadcast station license, or in some cases, an FM construction permit. Once mutual trust is established, Redeemer is extremely easy to work with. You own your station, and we help you program it with ease. While we currently allow WYNE-LP to use our network feed, we typically do not allow LPFM affiliates. 

To be an affiliate involves high trust - a trust that goes both ways. You trust Redeemer and we trust you. Trust involves transparency, accountability, and Christian love.  

Many groups who have a construction permit for a Full Service or LPFM station, find it very difficult to count all the high costs involved in terms of implementation, recurring expenses, and the extreme time commitments. If you are serious about an affiliate relationship with Redeemer, then we will share what we have learned with you as it affects affiliates. The lessons learned in this area of Christian ministry are hard to come by without a total commitment in terms of time and funding. God has granted us 36 years of broadcast experience. Please contact us only if you are serious about becoming an affiliate for at least five years or more. We are not interested in short term affiliates. 

If you are new to this, a big item is the music. You must pay ASCAP, BMI and SESAC fees. Redeemer owns its music library and sends the entire broadcast day to your station via a reliable IP Codec. If your media licensor requires a report of the music that we stream to you, show us the request, and then we will provide the quarterly report to you in a format that is acceptable to BMI. For your local programs that you put together, if you want music, then you must obtain your own music to round out your local program. Local programs are loaded via Dropbox as WAV or MP3 files. They are automatically ingested and put in the right spot. We advise against "repeating" our network feed on your own internet stream. If you did stream your own station, it involves more work, lots more media licensing reporting, and more cost.   

We use a particular automation system to orchestrate everything on your end. Affiliates do not need to access this system, but by using Dropbox it works seamlessly. If you follow the accurate timings of our network, then everything will flow smoothly and make for an enjoyable experience for your listeners. Your PSAs, Weather reports, local public affairs and local church service are all loaded via the Dropbox by copy and pasting your fully-produced MP3 file. At the end of your local spot, the system rejoins seamlessly to the Redeemer Network. We do require that all affiliates carry local weather reports, and public affairs programming. Extra localism is encouraged, such as traffic reports. 

Redeemer carries SRN news. If you are an affiliate then we need to account for you using our feed that includes SRN. We arrange this and make sure the fees are paid. Depending on the arrangement, either your station can pay directly, or if we work an arrangement of paying for some or all of your recurring expenses, then Redeemer may pay directly. 

If you are not serious about being a Redeemer affiliate, we can suggest an active Christian broadcast forum for you to join which can help answer many of your general questions.

Here's a situation to avoid - You may think that you want to go full time yourself, but you will "use" Redeemer to learn everything and then exit the relationship once you have learned from us. That's not the Christian approach, and it's better to be upfront with us, and honestly tell us your intentions. An affiliate relationship will never work in such a case. We are not here to provide free training at our and our listener's expense. 

How do the bills get paid? One approach is to allow Redeemer to exclusively do the financial appeals on your station and then we in return, pay all your bills. This becomes a win-win relationship, and you have been used by the Lord as a catalyst in helping a gospel broadcast to get launched (basically on a shoestring) in your area. 

Who owns the equipment? We are flexible on this. For the new affiliate in the Hudson Valley, Redeemer paid for all the equipment. For the LPFM in NJ, the local church owns the equipment. Generally however, Redeemer will minimally provide the Redeemer-specific "satellite" automation equipment because it is tailored to our network, and contains our proprietary clocks and Redeemer-owned music. The automation that we use at outlying stations will not work for anything other than a network-fed "satellite" affiliate station. 

Perhaps after counting all the costs you may come to the conclusion that you must sell your station or construction permit. Selling may be the godly option for you. We would encourage you to sell to a Christian broadcast ministry that supports the church and holds to the Historic Christian faith. If you find yourself in this predicament, please contact us for some pointers. We can recommend approaches that will likely save you lots of headaches. 


Want to know more? Listen to our online stream and read our website. Understand our statement of faith. Then please contact us to discuss what is involved in becoming a Redeemer Broadcasting affiliate station. For affiliate inquiries please use this email address: 

Thank you, and may the Triune God of the Scriptures, guide and direct your steps.