About Us

Mission Statement:
Redeemer is a broadcast ministry whose desire is to glorify God through means of reaching people with programming that reflects the whole counsel of God in Holy Scripture.  

We present the historic Christian faith as expressed in the creeds of the ancient church and in the confessions and catechisms of the Protestant Reformation.  We endeavor to provide quality music, proclamation, instruction, and inspiration, as well as opportunities for interaction by listeners. We believe that God through the use of His Word renews the family, nourishes the church and restores culture.

While we are not a church or the ministry of any particular church or denomination, we seek to make use of the gifts of biblically faithful men of God who represent the various church bodies in which they serve. 

Redeemer is a non-commercial educational ministry.  We are supported by the gifts of individuals, groups, and organizations that benefit from and support our purpose.  Our initial goal is to provide our programming throughout the United States by securing transmitting facilities in strategic areas of the nation. 

We dedicate our ministry to the support of the church, the bride of Christ, as we joyfully proclaim the saving work of Jesus Christ as the only means of our eternal salvation. 

Redeemer Broadcasting came into existence by the sheer grace of God. Humanly speaking, it was "by accident" - but in retrospect, we see the hand of God distinctly involved in preparing us, and others for this ministry over the past three decades.

Since 1983, the Lord provided us with experiences ranging from FM translators, antennas, towers, new full-service station construction, FCC licensing, FCC compliance, operations management, chief engineering experiences, to project management and leading teams of people.  As time moved forward, in 2003, we were actively involved in producing high-quality Christian programming and maintaining the program automation for a smaller Christian FM station and its translators in upstate NY.

We had been involved with another older Christian radio network; one which had effectively ministered to us and others for many years. Unfortunately, its emphasis over approximately 16 years gradually became less and less orthodox. We found ourselves increasingly unable to support this other network as some of its followers became a virtual cult. All programming gradually became reflective of the unbiblical opinions of one man; one man, who was unaccountable to the larger Christian community, and who completely cut himself off from the Christian church.  And so, a change was needed.

God, in His kind providence, began to lead us to the realization that we really had no choice but to simply obey God's leading, and look into forming a new conservative Christian radio network.

The Bible says "as iron sharpens iron, so one man another." We were challenged by our friends to really get to work and design and implement a new network for Christ's glory. One close friend said "Do it like you mean it."

We needed a name - a few came to mind... some were overly "heavy" sounding. But it was in a worship service (at Westminster Presbyterian Satellite church in Kingston, NY) that as we sat under the ministry of our pastor, and heard God's word preached, that it hit us - the name fell upon our minds - both my wife and mine. We searched to see if the name was taken by another broadcaster, and it appeared to be available.  Redeemer Broadcasting is now a Registered Trademark. 

Thus, Redeemer Broadcasting was born.  It's not that there weren't other fine ministries out there - there were. But this network, would offer a blend of programming that was unique and would meet very specific needs.

Our music would be a Traditional Christian blend that included sacred, some classical and lighter newer works which inspire the listener.   An important aspect of our programming would be the talk.   It would include a kind of "Christian NPR" sound.   That is, the style would be engaging and interesting, while consistent with the Christian worldview.  An example of this is our program A PLAIN ANSWER, heard each Saturday at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  God's word would be read without comment.  Sermons from good pastors from all over the United States would be sought out.   Features would be selected with care taken to assure sound theological content; and yet content, not so narrow as to exclude numerous orthodox Christian groups from various backgrounds.      

At core, we would be of an Evangelically Reformed persuasion. By that we mean an important component of the programming would be to simply present the gospel to others. And in the background of all that we did, would be the basic convictions which were evident in the Protestant Reformation. Things like God's grace and man's depravity, the authority of Scripture (Sola Scriptura) and the pleasure of hearing the voice of God via these scriptures. We would gently lend support to the understanding that God alone saves sinners and does so out of His foreordained will. The word "gently" is important to us. It is our desire to teach the doctrines of grace slowly and lovingly - line upon line and precept upon precept.

Further, this would be a network of stations that was accountable to a Board, with real input from the local churches as church members and pastors participated in an Advisory Panel. And, the stations in the network would have more local content than a typical network-fed station. Thus our local stations would need high quality local talent for the Redeemer vision to work. We would make sure that no single person could get the upper hand and drive the network in a direction that it should not go. There would be accountability at every level. There would also be trust of the people given charge over the various ministries within the network.    

The characteristic tone of this radio ministry would be as follows:

  • It would have an unwavering commitment to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • It would exist for God's glory, and would in particular, provide encouragement to the local churches.
  • It would be a network of stations in prime target areas, serving many people, and doing so with theological presuppositions which were evangelical and reformed.
  • The music mix would predominantly be a sacred blend, some classical and some very mild contemporary - but all with a common thread of calm. There would be no "rock" sound. The blend would have to be one that promoted reverent reflection upon God our Savior, yet one that matched the natural patterns of the day. That is, the music would fit with the time of day; whether that be the "morning grind," or an afternoon mix for the homemaker, but suitable for the business man on the road. Or, evening music that helped people wind down their day. Our Sunday music would be especially selected to augment and support our listener's worship with God's people on the Lord's Day.
  • The ministry would have to uplift and encourage Christians, not condemn them. Yet it would have to challenge people to godliness and assist our listeners in the formation of a Christian world view

It is important to us to provide a good income for our workers. It seems to us that all too often, ministries like this, fail at this very point. Never let it be said that we lost good people because they could not afford to live in the area served by our station. The Scriptures tell us that "The laborer is worthy of his hire" and "Do not muzzle the ox, while he treads out the grain." Even if we had to forego some station improvements we would make sure that our staff and their families are cared for. Probably no one will get rich at Redeemer, but neither will our workers be out "begging bread," or working several jobs to make ends meet. They will be free to focus on providing high quality Christian ministry to the listener.

Another large niche that our programming would fill would be to provide content that was more thoughtful, less "touchy-feely," and that would actually help educate our listeners as they lived and moved and had their being in modern society around them. As people hear our programming they may think it sounds a bit like a Christian "Public Radio" station. That sound is intentional and reflects Redeemer Broadcasting's commitment to educational and engaging programming. The programming is designed to stretch and challenge you.

We believe that scholasticism is by and large, antithetical to biblical content and therefore we are against the ancient nature-grace dualism. Because of this, we believe that Jesus really is Lord over all the spheres of this world and indeed, this constitutes a ONE Kingdom perspective, consistent with Old and New Testaments. This is the reason we are must talk about current events, news, and how God's word applies to all venues of life. Jesus owns this world.

We want Redeemer Broadcasting to be a real blessing to God's people, and a humble tool in Christ's hand for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Pray with us that this goal will be achieved for God's glory.