"Having been affiliated with a popular radio station for over thirteen years, it is our experience that the power of this medium to share the gospel is unsurpassed. There are many people who will turn a radio dial who do not wish to be bothered with open air evangelism or going to church. Many people love to listen to religious music from time to time and will stop tuning when they hear such music. If the station is Biblical in its gospel presentation, those who tuned in for entertainment may well be brought to Jesus Christ and eternal salvation. A tremendous advantage of radio is that one can listen while doing other things. We have been told, by a large number of listeners, that they listened to our program while preparing for church, and some correspondents shared that while they were incapacitated our programs greatly encouraged them.
    All of the principles in Redeemer Broadcasting are born again believers who are committed to the spread of the gospel in a Biblically accurate, God glorifying manner. This new work is, indeed, worthy of the prayers and financial support of God's people."

The late, Dr. Robert J. Cameron, Pastor
Mt. Carmel Church (OPC)
Somerset, NJ 08873

    "Many of us who are dismayed with the events that have turned a great gospel network away from faithfulness to the Scriptures are praying that the small beginnings of Redeemer Broadcasting may quickly grow to become a powerful replacement.  Our nation needs a gospel network that consistently presents a responsible interpretation of the Bible and exalts Christ who is the head of the church, "which is his body, the fulness of him who fills all in all."" (Ephesians 1:23)

 Dr. Joel Nederhood
Preaching Pastor
Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church
South Holland, Illinois

    "I am thrilled to be a part of the birth and development of Redeemer Broadcasting Network. For nearly a century radio has been a powerful medium to bring the Gospel to our nation and to much of the world. We are in desperate need of a radio network that promotes historic biblical Christianity rather than heresy, sentimentalism, and modern deformed versions of the Gospel. May Christ the King use this project as part of His purpose to fill the earth "with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."" (Habakkuk 2:14) 

Rev. William Shishko, pastor
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Franklin Square, NY 11010

    "The evangelical community is no longer an insignificant player on the American scene. A number of its ministries have risen to positions of power and influence in the general cultural. Some of the most promising and privileged of these ministries, sadly, however, have become kingdoms unto themselves. They refuse to be accountable to the church and they refuse to honor the role of the church in the plan of redemption. Redeemer Broadcasting is different. This ministry is clear about its mission and it is clear about a few things that are important to humble and obedient service to Christ. For one, the ministry is accountable to Christ and his church. Two, those who guide this effort know that everything depends on the grace of God. Three, those directly involved know that there is no gospel but the Gospel. I am confident that this vision for Redeemer is firmly rooted in these truths, and that all who pray for Redeemer's success can expect these truths to guide this ministry into the future. Moreover, be assured, that your prayers and your support for this ministry are not in vain. Redeemer Broadcasting was established to serve the Lord and his church, and to witness the same to the world. This purpose drives this ministry, and I am confident this purpose will encourage your support of Redeemer Broadcasting, to the glory of God."

Dr. John L. Vance, Pastor
Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Rock Tavern, NY 12575

    "Christian radio, especially the kind that is culturally attentive while resolutely faithful, is of inestimable value in reaching people that otherwise would not be open to the Christian message.  That's why Redeemer Broadcasting's effort to develop excellent Christian programming and to expand its reach is to be applauded, prayed for, and supported."  

Gerry Wisz, president, GW Communications