Redeemer Broadcasting WXMD, Southern Maryland upgrade project


Redeemer Broadcasting established WXMD in St. Mary’s County, MD, in 2014.  St. Mary’s County has a heavy Catholic influence, yet Redeemer Broadcasting has been well received by the residents. This region of Southern Maryland is a peninsula bordered by the Potomac River to the west and the Chesapeake Bay to the east.


In the early days of WXMD, we reached out to a local church, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, OPC, to inform them of our ministry.  They responded with annual financial support and much encouragement. The Lord has blessed us with three local Christian engineers who alternately help us maintain the station each week, who are on call, and are helping on this upgrade.


This upgrade will result in the WXMD pattern being broadened out and power increased.  It’s an 18-month project that’s anticipated to complete early November 2023.  The need for this upgrade became apparent when we found that we had to replace our transmitter anyway.  Then we performed an FCC study and discovered that there was room to significantly increase our signal.  It was then that we realized that for a “small” delta, we could increase our coverage. When implemented, our signal will reach into Colonial Beach, VA, and reach further south along the Southern Maryland peninsula. This upgrade of signal strength will help listeners better receive our signal within the current coverage, including the Patuxent River Naval Air Station.   A listening couple initiated a $10K matching grant several months ago. With the participation of listeners from our other stations and internet, we have about $5K remaining on that grant.   


We need about $50K more to complete the project.   That will cover the new transmitter balance, tower climbers, high power dummy load, high power RF switch/controller, fittings/jumpers, and finalizing the electric upgrade.