Internet streaming table radio with discount

Are you outside the coverage area of one of our stations?  You can use an Internet Radio to receive us!

Grace Digital Internet radios are available at a 30% discount.  Grace offers this to Redeemer listeners as a courtesy.  Redeemer makes no money off this deal, but we encourage you to take advantage of it.   

Here is the link to Grace's website.   We have used the Mondo unit with good success, and just evaluated the Encore stereo unit with great results!  

You need to have a wireless router active in your home.  A one time setup is required, and young people can quickly help you do this, or call us.  Just seach for the call letters WFSO, then you are good to go!    Redeemer Broadcasting will come in if you have wireless internet access wherever you are located!    

Redeemer's special discount code is:  redeemer30a