Estate Planning

Wise stewardship entails planning for the future. The leadership here at Redeemer Broadcasting has a long range perspective and we are diligently planning for the continuation of our ministry – ensuring that sound biblical teaching and godly music will continue for the long haul.  Through a bequest in your will or trust, your partnership can help us establish this vital mission for future generations. Such thoughtful planning will help awaken the next generation, preparing them to be God-centered, and serving as bold Christians.   It will also help us expand into new geographical areas with our unique, Christ-centered sound.  We appreciate your willingness to consider supporting our work through your estate plans.

Executing a will is not difficult or expensive and can be deeply rewarding. If you fail to prepare or update your will, state law determines how your assets will be divided using a formula that may not represent your wishes. Only through careful estate planning can you guarantee that your property will pass to the people and organizations that are meaningful to you.

Feel free to drop us an email with your questions, or letting us know of your plans.  Please use this email address: