Hudson Valley Project $500 Matching Grant

The Hudson Valley Project is proceeding!  Someone has setup a $500.00 matching grant for this project. If you give towards the Hudson Valley Project, your donation will be doubled up to this matching grant amount.  

This new FM radio station that is situated in the heart of the upper Hudson Valley will cover ten times the number of listeners than does our current low power translator in the Kingston/Rhinebeck area. 

The timeframe for the launch is this Summer. 

The new rack of equipment is populated with all the equipment and is fully paid for. We have begun wiring everything together in preparation for extensive testing.  The antenna was just assembled and tuning we begin in earnest, the week of 5/14.  The large spool of coax has arrived. 

Our goal is to launch this new station entirely debt-free. The quote for the tower work came in, and it is more than we originally thought, even with changing sites. However it is less than it would have been had we not changed sites. So, we did the right thing, even though it took longer. We still need to raise $38,000. This will cover the antenna, mast, coax, connectors, tower crew, crane, plus two engineers for two days at our main studio hub to help us get it all working. It will also help us with a few months of operational expenses for the new station. 

Please have a part today!

As you may know, Redeemer Broadcasting grew out of a need to have a church-affirming radio network that clearly supports the Historic Christian faith in word and music. We have a Board of Directors and a team of seasoned Advisors. To learn more about us and this project, feel free to email us:   

If you or someone you know could help us on securing a couple of grants for this new project, that would be most appreciated.