WNEQ 90.3 FM is receiving interference

Letters are starting to come in from listeners telling us of interference.  WNEQ Taylortown is a full service station on 90.3 FM in Northern New Jersey.  Unfortunately, it currently is receiving interference from a small college station. If the interfering station is a "Class D" station, it is not allowed to interfere with our "60 dBu contour."

We will be working to ameliorate the situation.  Our city of license is Taylortown NJ. It appears that the interfering signal is affecting reception within our FCC-protected contour.   

Thus, we have a follow-up project for this area.   That project involves how to solve this interference.   

You can help us.  If you are traveling in the area of Taylortown, and hear another station coming in, please note its call letters.  As soon as you have them, please mail us a letter stating the call letters of the station that is interfering and the exact location of where you lose our signal to this other station.  Document the name of the road, intersections, and any landmarks, etc.  Please include your mailing address when you contact us. 

We are sorry that this station launch has been so severely affected by this other station.  It is a huge disappointment to us and to all the people who invested heavily in this new signal.  We have received any number of interference complaints.  

Please be assured of our constant efforts to resolve the problem. 

Thank you.